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Blog: Both the barcode marked cards and poker scanner system ( like PK s708 poker analyzer, CVK 500 scanning system, AKK K5 poker cards predictor and AKK A1 playing cards scanner ) are available from us GS marked cards.
In order for the poker analyzer to tell you the baccarat poker results, it must be analyzed, the results will be shown on the screen of the phone analyzer system, telling you if the outcomes or tips before the cards are dealt.

Blog: Marked cards are generally used in two areas: magic and gambling. I do not recommend the latter.
Poker hand analyzer marked cards which need support from poker cards analyzer system are those whose sides are marked by infrared ink kit, ultraviolet ink pen and laser ink. There are several kinds of barcode marked cards handset and each kind of these side marked playing cards can only be read by their corresponding playing cards scanner camera.
There are many different brands of poker analyzers for sale such as AKK, CVK, PK King all in one analyzer. With a camera equipped inside, these poker winner predictor can scan the bar-codes of the marked poker cards at a quick speed ( within 0.1s ) and transfer poker games results without any mistake to a wireless earpiece.

Blog: Marked cards, also called invisible ink for playing cards, is a kind of luminous ink card marking printed on the back of cards, not be seen by naked eyes.
According to the need of different clients, different infrared contact lenses, need different luminous marked cards.
Almost all of poker payers ask that if there is a luminous ink glasses kit that can mark the cards for marked playing cards contact lenses.
Here GS offer you the cards marker that special lenses can invisible mark, help you to use invisible ink and glasses to read the ink, to use uv invisible ink contact lenses to mark the red cards, and also red and blue, or any colors of cards for infrared camera.

Blog: Texas Holdem is the most popular poker card game around the world. If you have played Texas Holdem or Omaha games before, you must know that they are very exciting games.
If you loving playing Texas Holdem, and want to master it, I think the Texas Holdem poker analyzer can help you a lots.
You need poker cheating devices, a host machine like iPhone or Samsung poker hand analyzer to set the playing cards scanner system, and then you need a side marked cards, barcode reader scanner camera and a mini bugging earpiece to hear the analisis results.

Blog: With the technical luminous ink printers and quality special invisible inks. Cheats can still buy all the required equipment to perform DIY job, and make the printing results more suitable for themselves.
This version of invisible ink playing cards reader must be detected by optic vision devices and are unobservable to naked eyes, those functioning devices such as infrared marked cards sunglasses, x-ray dice camera scanner and perspective poker table, they have the ability to scan and detect what card are behind, even the cards are not marked. The scientific theory here is diverse chemical element has different level of ability for absorbing electromagnetic waves, which by the way is also particles, so those equipment filter all other tampering lights especially the normal white lights, and left the specific wave bands like IR, UV or X-ray. What will be imaged in resulting screen is the card values and other parts separately clear.
In this case, you are not desired only for the luminous playing cards, but have to take anyone of poker detecting device as a part of your shopping package. There is a more simple way for doing this, it is called poker scanning system, in this system, all the necessities are packed, include spy scanner cameras and barcode marked cards.

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