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Blog: Are you searching a cool and useful tool to scan the cards in the poker game. Our company devoted into the technology of the poker devise.
Now our perspective poke table is sold in the market. If you have used scanning camera before, you will feel that is very similar. 
But it is more safe, no need marked cards, the normal cards is ok.

Blog: The 47th WSOP Main Event is coming to officially kicked off in July 9 , and this feast will attract many poker pros, amateurs involved.
If you want to experience the atmosphere of Las Vegas competition. You can listen to veteran ambassador, beauty player Kara Scott to give you a few recommendations to survive. 
Pick a non-smoking hotel. Store some cheap tasty food. Careful swimming pool. But I recommend you bring infrared contact lenses.

Blog: Reading several pages of books every day, you will harvest knowledge.
Eating a candy every day, you will get carious tooth; play poker cards every day, you will miss a lot of interesting things.
If you really like poker games, I have a way to keep your interest as well as keep making progress.
That is to use special poker accessories, they are marked cards, contact lenses, poker dice, chips and advanced poker scanning system.
I bet you will harvest with the help of them.

Blog: Life is an irresistible advance, regardless of how the development path of life, we can not change and only continue forward.
The value of a person is decided by our own, everyone has our own value.
As to poker marked cards and infrared contact lenses, also has different values.
How to adjust the value, depends on the quality.

Blog: Except for marked cards, there are advanced poker scanning systems, which can be installed in cell phone, cay key and other places, the owner of those cheating devices can use them to cheat in poker games, so that they can win easily.

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Products List