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Blog: Texas Holdem is the most popular poker card game around the world. If you have played Texas Holdem or Omaha games before, you must know that they are very exciting games.
If you loving playing Texas Holdem, and want to master it, I think the Texas Holdem poker analyzer can help you a lots.
You need poker cheating devices, a host machine like iPhone or Samsung poker hand analyzer to set the playing cards scanner system, and then you need a side marked cards, barcode reader scanner camera and a mini bugging earpiece to hear the analisis results.

Blog: With the technical luminous ink printers and quality special invisible inks. Cheats can still buy all the required equipment to perform DIY job, and make the printing results more suitable for themselves.
This version of invisible ink playing cards reader must be detected by optic vision devices and are unobservable to naked eyes, those functioning devices such as infrared marked cards sunglasses, x-ray dice camera scanner and perspective poker table, they have the ability to scan and detect what card are behind, even the cards are not marked. The scientific theory here is diverse chemical element has different level of ability for absorbing electromagnetic waves, which by the way is also particles, so those equipment filter all other tampering lights especially the normal white lights, and left the specific wave bands like IR, UV or X-ray. What will be imaged in resulting screen is the card values and other parts separately clear.
In this case, you are not desired only for the luminous playing cards, but have to take anyone of poker detecting device as a part of your shopping package. There is a more simple way for doing this, it is called poker scanning system, in this system, all the necessities are packed, include spy scanner cameras and barcode marked cards.

Blog: We can set up poker analyzer software into your computer, which means that you do not need the regular barcode cards reader like a phone. You could install the scanning camera in anywhere which you want, just require to produce positive that it may scan the invisible ink marked cards.
This scanning program can also be appropriate for all poker games, for the reason that it might read marked cards around the table, and show the outcomes on pc. As outlined by this, you can simply know the sequence of marked poker cards on the table, after which you will be able to know the luminous marked playing cards of all poker players.
It really is an remarkable poker cheating device, it alterations our old thoughts of scanning method, also ultraviolet contact lenses for poker and luminous ink reader infrared glasses.

Blog: It is safe and convenient for you to operate in the dice game. The entire remote control dice devices include a remote controller, remote control board and remote control dices. The remote control dice was installed with a small piece of magnet which has the same appearance as the normal dice. Throw the processed dices and press the buttons of the remote controller. You can be in charge of the dice game with our remote control dice.

Blog: This kind of infrared contact lenses suit green eyes perfectly. Infrared green eyes contact lenses are used for seeing the invisible inks on the marked poker cards. There is no doubt that all kinds of marked playing cards are suitable for the infrared green eyes contact lenses. We can make special customization for you in accordance with your requirement.

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