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Blog: Do you know how to use marked playing cards contact lenses? There are some tips for you. Firstly, make sure to wash your hands before wearing the contact lenses in case of infecting your eyes. Secondly, wearing the glasses about several hours is good for adapting before playing the poker games with marked cards contact lenses. Last but not least, it is better to wear them less than 8 hours per days.

Blog: Marked playing cards are playing an important role in the poker games. No matter what kinds of poker specified devices you use in the games, you have to use marked cards. No matter what kinds of invisible marks or luminous marks you want, our company will satisfy your needs as far as possible. Poker marked cards are hard to be found by other poker players. We could only see through the invisible marks by wearing marked cards contact lenses.

Blog: Do you know the difference between ordinary poker cards and marked poker cards? They look the same with our naked eye, but you will find great secret by wearing marked poker cards sunglasses. Also, the poker scanner camera and the poker scanner system or other device will help us to see through the cards and know the final results in advance.

Blog: Time ruthless, years of desolation, along the way, we always feel sad inevitable!
However, no matter what happened or what will happen, we should be strong, because the road is still long, you will always see the dawn.
It is also the same idea as ours, ultraviolet contact lenses for poker and luminous reader infrared glasses, are a part of the products we always engage in.
With this kind of magic trick marked playing cards, we can see the dawn in poker life easily.

Blog: The digital car key can help you run and protect your cars, and it can also work as a playing cards scanner camera to help you win in the poker game.
It is quite easy to use car key poker scanner system for barcode marked cards.
When you place the car key poker table scanner for trick on the poker table, no one can see the difference between it and the normal keychain.

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Products List