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Blog: IR camera, we also call it infrared camera lenses which is made for IR marked cards.
Infrared camera can be installed into clock, wall painting, lamp or other objects.
Although invisible ink marked playing cards are very easy and convenient to use, you just need to wear the poker cheating contact lenses or sunglasses, and then you can see the luminous marks.
However, if other players also have the infrared night vision glasses, what are you going to do? So, this infrared camera for IR marked decks can help you avoid this kind of problem. It is safer and more convenient.

Blog: Today happiness does not mean a better tomorrow, tomorrow failure does not mean frustrated today, people must stand the test of life, do not exaggerate, not vanity.
It is the same rule as marked cards with contact lens.
As a luminous marked cards reader, we cannot be exaggerated.
There is no limit to learn new skills in marking playing cards, so we can always have new and new poker trick products, no matter texas holdem poker scanner system, or infraredĀ poker cards.

Blog: Sand is waste, cement is waste, but they are mixed with the concrete soil, that is good.
Rice is good, gasoline is good, but they are mixed together, is a waste.
How to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen, to be a good marked cards pathfinder?
It will be glad that if we can help you to choose the good, the professional contact lenses playing cards and barcode scanner camera.

Blog: Some time ago, there spread a kind of contact lens seeing through the clothes on the internet. But in fact, the expert stated that our current science technology can not fullfill this perspective effect.
However, our perspective poker contact lens can achieve the effect to read the playing cards with marks.

Blog: There are thousands of ways to succeed, no one can make sure that they choose a shortcut. Some people did not work hard but with amazing achievement, that is because they choose a shortcut.
In poker, you also can choose a shortcut to win in the poker game, that is the Texas playing cards scanning system.

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Products List