There are many types of poker analyzer systems in market, some of them can manipulated by one person, but some special long terms scanning camera or computer background analyzer systems need to cooperated by two people at least, at that time, our practical 007 marked poker cards intercom can be your ideal choice.
Unlike the regular sort intercoms, the special 007 intercom can disregard the distance between the signal receiver and it. Because 007 interphone provided by our company could play as a cell phone and users can insert a calling cards inside it. A whole set of 007 marked playing cards intercom include an interphone, a signal receiver and a mini earpiece. The signal receiver of 007 intercom also can equip with phone card. When in infrared invisible ink marked deck cards games, the long distance poker scanner will read the IR marked poker cards and transmit and cards information in image to the background, once one of the users see the points and suit on the screen, he can make a call and tell his partners in secret by our magic 007 intercom. Is it very helpful?
It is very safe for using this powerful 007 intercom device in poker games, it has great sound tone and can pass on the voice information in clear and safe. Do you want to have a try?