AKK A1 poker analyzer can scan laser marked cards in 360 degree whether playing cards are placed on the table or held in your hands and then report poker results accurately within 0.1 second. Its scanning range is 23 to 48cm in height and 30cm in width.
There is a fingerprint identification system installed in AKK A1, which can make it impossible for other people to find out the cheating function of such a normal-looking cell phone. Just enjoy with your special smart phone AKK A1 poker analyzer.
AKK A1 poker analyzer supports various games: Texas Holdem, Ohama, Ohama Hi-Low, 2 lane flop Omaha, India in out game, India flush game,3 card game, baccarat game, blackjack game, seka, Vietnam game and many other games in the world, program can be customized for your own poker analyzer.