AKK A1 poker hand analyzer is the newest product in AKK poker analyzer series. It can be work in various kinds of playing cards games for predicting their outcomes before the barcode marked cards are dealt.

Compared with the regular poker analyzer device, the AKK A1 winning hand predictor not only have a secret poker camera lens inside for scanning barcode marked cards, and the playing cards analyzer inside it can work with big scanning range which from 20cm to 80cm. What is more, unlike normal all in one poker predictor, the AKK A1 poker odds calculator also can scanning the barcode marked cards up and down, even you hold it in hand, it also can catch the barcode image of barcode marked playing cards.

With the magic AKK A1, you not only can know the biggest winner and the second winner in poker games, but also can know the ranks of all poker players or the point and suit of each piece of cards in advance.