There are many kinds of poker analyzers in market, and AKK poker hand analyzers are the not sale one. We can supply the updated AKK poker analyzer for your choice, such as: AKK A1 poker analyzer device, AKK K4 poker analyzer system, AKK K5 poker analyzer software.
AKK K5 Texas Holdem scanner system features the original S6 mobile phone design and with a secret poker scanner camera lens inside to scan the barcode marked deck. AKK k5 poker analyzer is the thinnest poker analyzer in market. The scanner camera of AKK K5 is the ewly-updated 3.0 software and it can predict the game result for poker games in poker games quickly, stably and accurately. With the P5 mini Bluetooth power amplifier, the user can receive the game result in fat distance. the equipped remote control is for reporting sound and remotely control the switch of the poker camera lens as well as the number of poker players.
With this magic AKK K5 poker hand analyzer, you can know the poker cards reuslt in advance. Like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat or other local poker card games.