Playing cards scanning cameras are use for scanning barcode marked playing cards. Different kinds of poker camera lenses can have different scanning distance and suitable to be used in various occasions. Here, we will introduce the bag poker scanner.
Bag is very common product and it is a daily item for many people. When you use it in poker games, it will not caused any attention by others around you. We can process the bag poker scanner perfectly. From the exquisite appearance or tactility, no one can find its secret that it has a HD and HS poker camera lens inside for scanning barcode marked decks. It can scan the barcode marked cards and send the barcode information to poker analyzer for analyzing the poker outcomes.
The scanning distance of poker camera lens inside bag poker scanner is 30-50cm. This bag poker scanner camera is very easy to operate, only need to turn it on and let it towards the barcode marked deck cards, it will scan them automatically.