Do you like playing dominos games? May be many players will feel unprepared when they got the dominos they had unexpected and easy to make wrong decision in the games, while with our magic belt scanning camera and luminous marked dominos, you can do it better.
The magic belt scanning camera provided by our company is processed with installed a HD scanning camera lens inside with high privacy, so no can find any problem when you using it in invisible ink marked dominos games. The marked dominos are made with our specialized infrared invisible ink recipe, even others equip luminous contact lenses or ultra infrared sunglasses, they cannot read anything on the back of juice marked dominos, but this marked dominos belt scanner can read them clearly. Once the marked dominos are placed into the scanning range of belt scanning reader, it will read the marked automatically and points of them on a background TV or your cell phone screen secretly, you can know what you will get and what others hold, and it is very simple thing for you to plan how to make bet.
Belt marked dominos scanning camera has large scanning distance, so you no need to worry about it will miss read any marked dominos. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.