CVK 500 poker hand analyzer is the latest design one of CVK poker analyzer series. It has all the merits of CVK 400 poker winner predictor and CVK 350 poker hand analyzer.
CVK 500 poker analyzer software is an all in one playing cards scanning system, it has a mini secret poker camera lens fixed inside and you no need to work it with an extra poker scanning camera lens. When you set the rule in the game interface of this CVK poker analyzer system and place it on the poker table. This CVK 500 playing cards analyzer will scan and decode the invisible ink barcode markings for predicting the accurate playing card games results.
In general, the CVK 500 poker analyzer device are more suitable to dealer, however, it also can work with all other kinds of exterior playing cards scanners. No matter you are dealer or poker player, CVK 500 poker out calculator can bring you a lot of benefit.