For marked cards scanning system, mini earphone is a very important device to receive and output the poker game result, so a good quality mini bugging earphone is key to help users to know the poker cards outcome without miss-hearing.
The skin-covered mini earpiece supplied by Golden Sunshine is a best choice for players. The micro headphone is processed with a mini wireless receiver inside by GS skillful technicians who with sophisticated technology. For example, if you want to know the poker cards game result in advance, wearing this professional mini earpiece into your ears deeply before the game, it is very mini so no one can discover it, when the poker analyzer system and poker cards scanning camera read the marked playing cards and send the signal out, the micro headphone will receive it and output it in clear and secret, all the players around you cannot hear sound. What is more, this kinds of professional marked deck cards mini earphone can use last for long time, if the battery is about to run out, the output sound will become small gradually, but it will not lose voice suddenly, so if you feel the voice is not loud as usually, please charge it up, after a few hours later, you can continue to use it again.
The best quality mini earpiece of GS can work together with all kinds of poker cards devices in perfect, if you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us.