Bicycle playing cards is very popular around the world, especially in American, if a poker magician can use Bicycle poker cards to play a magic poker trick, the show he plays is the real poker magic.
Just like many kinds of marked cards sales in our company, we can mark the invisible ink markings on each piece of Bicycle poker deck perfectly. The top quality invisible ink is specialized by our sophisticated technicians, the markings made by this magic invisible juice is invisible under the natural light, that means people cannot find it by naked eyes. And because the skillful refine, from the appearance, it is just a regular Bicycle deck cards. However, if you play it cooperates with our special luminous contact lenses or infrared ultra sunglasses, you can read the markings on the Bicycle back juiced marked cards clearly, then, you can be the soothsayer and predict the poker games freely.
If you want to experience a magic Bicycle marked deck cards game, please feel free to contact us for more information.