Nowadays, BMW cards are popular and many people have one, the key for them are very small and normal, but do you ever thought that it can be the poker cards spy reader in poker games?
A HD scanning camera lens is inserted into the BMW cards key and keep its appearance as normal, no matter what environment and what kinds of light user using it, it can read the cards clearly. So it is very suitable for poker cards players using it to cheating in the playing cards games. During a poker cards game, players only need to turn this BMW poker cards reader on and place it on the game table with towards to barcode marked cards, once the barcode magic marked cards are dealing into its scanning distance, it will read the barcode on the edged side of marked deck of cards, then send the barcode signal to the poker analyzer to calculate. Within 0.5s, players can get the game result in high privacy.
The BMW poker spy cards reader can be used in Texas Holdem, Baccarat, Omaha, Black Jack and others games.