When you playing poker cards games, do you will carry a cell phone charger? I think most of you will, because it is a good power provider to support your cell phone to work. It is so normal and common and it is a good choice to process as the scanning camera.
Our technical staff installed a mini scanning camera lens into the power bank with high privacy and keep the power back just look as same as the manufactured one, no one can find its secret. During the poker cards game, if just need to place this cell phone charger scanning camera into your pocket or placed it on the game table, once the cards are dealt into its scanning scope, it will secretly read the invisible barcode then transmit them to the poker analyzer system to calculate the result, very quickly, you will get the 100 accurate outcome of this poker cards game in clear and secret, then you can be the soothsayer of this poker game and control the whole game.
This magic cell phone charger scanning camera is suitable for many kinds of marked deck cards in various kinds of poker games.