Do you like smoking? Do you know that the cigarette hard box can processed as barcode poker scanner for scanning marked barcode deck? Here, we will introduce this magic poker scanner camera for you.
Due to the unremitting efforts of our technicians, this cigarette hard box playing cards scanner is developed and can be used different poker analyzers to predict the result of different poker games. What is more, you can know the value and suit of your opponents in advance, that means you have more winning odds in games. No mater from appearance or tactility, no one can find the secret of this cigarette barcode poker scanner. The poker camera lens of this cigarette hard box poker camera is mini and HD one, so it can scan the barcode marked card tricks more quickly and accurately.
You can operate this cigarette poker card scanner with various kinds of playing cards scanning system, such as Omaha scanner system, Texas Holdem scanner system, can read 52 cards scanning system.