In playing cards games, if you can know the cards beforehand, that means you have more odds to win this game, and our perspective marked cards contact lenses can help you to do that easily.
Luminous contact lenses are all in top quality, all of them are produced as per to meet different needs. First, no matter what color your eyeballs are, you can find the one that can match them perfectly, and after you wearing them, you can read invisible ink markings on the backs of marked playing cards while no one can find any different when look at you. Second, due to the high and newest staining techniques and Sandwich technology, our ultra invisible ink contact lenses can suitable in various environments, such as casino, private poker rooms, private party and so on. Third, these ultra perspective contact lenses are very durable, you can use it for long time if you store them properly. What is more, benefit from its professional quality, it is very comfortable to wear.
As a good tool to read magic marked cards, GS omnipotent contact lenses can be an excellent poker reader for different poker players.