As a global leader in the international playing cards gaming kit market, Copag has been pioneering the manufacture of poker cards since the beginning of 20th century, and provide excellent playing experience for different user with the quality playing cards.
And Copag 1546 poker cards is one of them. Copag 1546 playing cards is very popular in world and it is very suitable to process as marked cards. Made from PVC plastic, an ultra high performing material, Copag 1546 playing cards can handle the normal wear and tear of game play for remarkable periods of time. These high performance cards will last longer, shuffle better, and provide such a fantastic feel, you may never want to play with anything else again.
We mark the Copag 1546 with our specialized invisible ink solution, the markings made from it can last longer and more secret. only with the special marked cards kit can you detect it, such as marked cards contact lenses, luminous ink glasses used to detect ink and so on.