Scanning camera lens is a magic accessory which can hidden into many different types of items to mark them to be mysterious poker scanning cameras. There are many kinds of poker cards scanner we can be provided, all of them can work effectively to help poker players to read the back marked cards.
Daylight bulb marked decks scanning camera with long scanning range, it usually works with transmitter, background TV and back marked deck cards. In the poker cards games, you need to cooperate with your partner to finish all the operations. Once the daylight bulb poker spy cards reader read the markings on the back marked decks, it will send the information by transmitter to the background TV which the marks information will be shown on. Finally, you can know the values of the back marking decks and will make a wise decision of next step, and playing the poker matches with more beneficial opportunities. The scanning angle of daylight scanning reader can be adjusted as you want.
It is very suitable to be used in many kinds of poker games, such as Blackjack, 21 points and so on, with this marked deck cards scanner, you can master many poker games easily.