If you want to find some item to process as a playing cards scanner, clock long distance scanning camera is very highly recommended.
The clock camera is used for long distance, and it has been sold to many countries. It is used in many places, such casinos, tournaments etc.
Clock poker scanner is one of the long distance scanning camera lenses, and it also has various scanning range types or we can customize the one you need as per your requirement. This clock playing cards scanner can be used in many countries and various occasions. Usually, it will work with poker hand analyzer and plays as well as back marked cards as an extra scanning camera to help poker odds calculator to read the barcode marked deck cards information. Then the calculate centre of poker winner predictor can receive the long distance playing cards information to analyze and report the game results to users in secret and accurate.
This clock poker card reader is commonly used in blackjack, 21 points and other local poker games, if you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us.