Marked cards are popular and could be used in different poker games, among them, back marked cards is one of the hot sale products.
We use the best invisible ink to make marks on the back of any regular manufactured poker cards and then they become invisible back marked cards. These special luminous marked cards could be read by infrared contact lenses, IR sunglasses or IR spy camera. There are Bee back marked cards, marked Bicycle cards, KEM luminous juiced cards, Fournier back luminous marked cards, Modiano infrared back marked playing cards, Aviator invisible ink marked cards, Royal luminous marked decks, Texas Holdem contact lenses marked cards and Lion juice marked poker cards. These special back luminous ink marked cards are processed by best invisible ink solution and poker printers with sophisticated skill.
Most poker players like wearing a pair of luminous contact lenses that can read invisible ink to read these back marked deck cards. You could know poker suits or poker points directly. It is soft and comfortable when you wear these special contact lenses inside.