There are many kinds of marked cards in the market. Many players like to use marked decks to increase the confidence and odds of the games, and plastic Fournier marked cards is one of the hot sales.
With the popular of poker hand analyzer, marking cards become more universal to poker players. The combination of poker analyzer and edged barcode marked poker cards can let players to know the game results in a very short time and others will not discover any problem. As we know that edged barcode marked deck cards need to be cut, so it would find the problems of edge marked cards by others. While using our plastic Fournier side marked cards can help you a lot. It cannot be seen by naked eyes. The plastic side marked cards are original poker cards. It doesn’t need to cut the side or polish the edge and this kind of marked card can work for a long time.
The plastic Fournier side magic marked cards cannot be found any flaw even if you are a professional dealer or player. Do you want to buy one?