In poker club or playing cards casino, mini playing cards scanners are good device to use to read the back marked deck of cards.
If this playing cards scanner is adjusting the suitable angle, it can read the whole table to see invisible ink markings on the back of invisible playing cards. On computer or monitor, players partner can see the all the playing cards point and suit and then pass them to poker player so that they can know how to betting in the game easily. When in the poker card games, you find that the position or scanning angle is not correct, you can use the wireless remote controller to adjust the scanning angle conveniently.
Besides electric clock playing cards scanner, we also has other long scanning distance poker card reader, such as daylight lamp poker scanner, wall frame photo IR playing cards scanning camera, air conditioner playing cards reader, smoke alarm playing cards spy lens, CCTV infrared marked cards scanner, emergency light poker card scanner or cell phone poker scanning software and so on.