Emergency lamps are very common in public areas. If your poker table is near the exit, it would give you a chance to use this long distance camera in poker games.
We have fixed the emergency lamp with a marked cards scanning camera lens which can read barcode marking cards quickly and accurately in a long distance -- about 6 meters. With good concealment of mini size, it is hard for other poker players find marked cards devices tricks.
The emergency lamp long distance camera is different from other types of scanning cameras not only in its scanning distance but also in its working hours. It can keep working all day with AC power. So you do not need to worry that the camera may stop working for its battery runs out.
The emergency lamp long distance camera can work with any kind of poker analyzers like CVK 500, CVK 400, AKK K4, AKK K5 and AKK A1 etc. all of which are available from our company.