Fournier playing cards are very popular around the world, you can see it in many casinos or poker clubs, do you like playing poker cards, when playing games with Fournier 2818 poker cards. Do you want to impress others with magic power? Here, our luminous glasses marked deck cards can help you do that easily.
There are different color of the backs of Fournier 2818 playing poker cards, however, no matter what color they are, we do can mark them perfectly with best invisible ink recipe and sophisticated technology. Unlike others normal and cheap marked cards, the Fournier 2818 marked decks are made in professional, when in the poker games with it, others can not find any problem from these Fournier 2818 marked deck of poker cards and just regard it as a regular one. While you can read its secret with ultra luminous sunglasses or perspective contact lenses in high secret and increase your odds in the games.
Of course, and the nature of Fournier 2818 invisible contact lenses marked playing cards, it is not a better choice for those who are nearsighted.