Blackjack is a banking game can found through around the world, it is one kind of poker popular American casino game, and players always need to hit uncertain cards in the games. At this time, our edged marked deck cards will be a helper for players.
This magic edged marked deck cards usually works with poker cards reader and poker scanning system, the all in one poker hand analyzer is also a good choice. And the poker scanning system include a scanning camera, mini earpiece and a poker odds calculator, because all in one poker hand analyzer has a secret built-in scanner, so it no necessary to work with an extra poker spy cards reader. Edged marked cards has invisible barcode on the four sides of each piece of cards, once they within the scanning range of the scanning camera, their information will be read and send to the poker odds calculator to analyze automatically. Rapidly, users can know the information for the cards and know how to make a bet to win more.
We have many brands of edged marked decks for sale, all of them are in good quality and can cooperate with different sorts of poker analyzer in different poker games.