CVK 400 is a hot sales poker analyzer in our company, which is an all-in-one types poker analyzer system, only cooperates with invisible barcode marked deck and mini bluetooth earpiece, you can know the accurate game result clearly and secretly.
CVK 400 poker cards analyzer system is very easy to manipulate. Not like normal poker analyzer kits, which must works with an extra marked cards scanning camera lens, CVK 400 had already been inserted a mini scanning camera lens inside with high privacy. If you are using CVK 400 in edged invisible barcode marked playing cards, what you need to do is just place it on the game table, or put it into your pocket, once the marked deck poker cards are dealing into the secret poker cards reader scanning distance, it will read the barcode automatically and the calculating system will decode the information, then you can know the game result in advance.
This magic CVK 400 poker analyzer system can be used with many kinds of edged marked-cards, such as Copag marked deck, Fournier marking cards, Modiano marked poker cards, KEM marking poker deck, marking Bicycle cards, Aviator invisible marking deck cards and so on.