As one of the famous poker games in the world, Texas Holdem poker games are popular by many poker players. And nowadays, more and more poker player like to use Texas Holdem poker scanning system to predict the game results. Do you know how does Texas Holdem scanning system work?
Texas Holdem scanning system, also called Texas Holdem poker analyzer system, a whole set of it includes a Texas Holdem poker analyzer, a poker camera, a pair of mini Bluetooth earpiece, a remote controller as well as barcode marked cards.
For this Texas Holdem scanning system kit, poker camera is used to scan the barcode on the edge of marked barcode cards and send the barcode information to poker analyzer, once receiving the data from the poker camera, poker analyzer will analyze and calculate the poker game result automatically and quickly, then send out the accurate poker game result. Within 0.3 seconds, user can receive the Texas Holdem game result by mini Bluetooth earpiece secretly and clearly.
This Texas Holdem scanning system not only can be used in Texas Holdem poker games, but also in Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack as well as other local poker card games.