Infrared ray is a wavelength range of electromagnetic waves between the red and microwave, which cannot be found by people naked eyes, but As the means of close quarters, indoor communication, infrared ray is preponderant to radio, so it is a advantage for us to develop the infrared marked playing cards for users to enjoy poker games.
Infrared back marked cards is made with professional infrared invisible ink and marked by sophisticated printer, unlike luminous contact lenses marked cards, even you wearing the ultra contact lenses or infrared luminous sunglasses, you cannot read the markings on the back of infrared juice marked decks. Only our special infrared magic marked cards scanning camera can read the markings on the back luminous marked poker cards, and send their points and suits via special TV with image in secret and safe. We have near infrared scanning camera, middle poker cards reader as well as far infrared ray back juiced cards scanner, all of them are very safe for users to utilize in various types of poker cards games.
We can mark many different brands of infrared magic back marking cards perfectly, you can send the cards to us or select the manufactured playing cards we supply for us to process. We never disappointed any one.