There are many types of marked cards sale in our company, infrared marked playing cards is one popular type of them. it is with extremely high privacy and hardly to detect by other testing devices.
Luminous IR back marked poker cards is made with special infrared invisible ink, unlike normal invisible ink contact lenses marked deck cards, the markings on the back of this magic infrared magic marked cards cannot be read by luminous contact lenses or ultra infrared sunglasses, only with our specialized infrared poker cards scanner can you see the markings in image on a background TV screen. we have many kinds infrared back marking decks, such as IR Copag Marked player poker cards, IR KEM marked poker cards, Fournier juice infrared marked cards, Modiano infrared luminous marked decks, marked Bicycle cards infrared, IR invisible ink back marked BEE poker decks, juiced playing decks Aviator and so on, with them you can know how to bet of a games in advance easily.
Luminous IR invisible ink back marking decks is suitable to be used in many kinds of poker games, especially for BlackJack, Baccarat or 21 points.