Invisible ink marked playing cards is very popular in the poker games, and infrared sunglasses is one of the best favorite marked decks device for helping user to read the luminous marks on the backs of marked poker cards. Do you know why ultra sunglasses marked deck cards can be read by IR sunglasses perfectly?
Usually, we mark playing cards with magic invisible ink juice, the marks written by it is invisible under natural light and people naked eyes is hard to find them. But the specialized sunglasses can help people to read them. in our company, we marked the magic marked cards with our exclusive invisible ink solution, cooperating with our sophisticated poker printer machine, our skillful technicians can marking all kinds of plastic or paper playing cards in perfectly and the marks on the backs of marked poker decks cards last longer time and more secret. And our infrared sunglasses is a real one which is processed skillfully and no one can notice its secret without special tools. The ultimate luminous infrared sunglasses is customized to match infrared juice marked cards, so no matter what environment you in, they can help you to read the markings clearly and easily.
We also have ultraviolet sunglasses to match UV contact lenses marked cards, like infrared sunglasses, all of them are in top quality and can be the good choice for you self-defensive.