Are you searching for infrared contact lenses for your invisible marked cards poker? Are you worried about the luminous ink glasses will change the color of your eyes? Are you concerned with the price of invisible ink contact lenses? Don’t worry about these problems because our company can solve all the problems for you.
We have kinds of infrared contact lenses, uv contact lens, perspective poker lenses, omnipotent juice cards contact, x ray contact lenses and so on. This new style  Invisible Ink Infrared Sunglasses is so convenient and fashionable that you can use them at your home games, private places or club poker games. With the assistance of them, you can know the points and suits of marked cards in advance and then play the game sensibly and confidently. What’s more, those glasses just like the regular sunglasses, you don’t have to be afraid of being detected by others.
If you have special requirements of infrared contact lenses, we can customize the best one for you.