In general speaking, there are two kinds of marked cards in poker cheating field. One is back marking cards with luminous ink that is usually read by IR poker sunglasses or UV invisible ink contact lenses. The other is the barcode side marked card which is specially designed for poker playing cards scanner analyzer.
In this article, I will introduce you to the barcode of marked cards decks that can be identified and read by poker analyzer. And you will find that the laser marks on the poker decks are clear for analyzer reading while foggy to marked playing cards contact lenses or luminous ink glasses kit. This ensures the high working efficiency during poker cheating. The side marked cards offers gamblers more ways to cheat secretly in poker games. This kind of card can be read by all kinds of poker analyzers. If you want to receive the codes of cards just you can, you can set in your poker analyzer.
Do not worry that all kinds of poker cards could be marked into barcode marked cards with invisible ink marks.