Aviator is famous by providing quality poker cards to players, when playing the Aviator playing poker, players will impressed by unique slick and crisp handfeel of them. They are also very suitable to refine as marked juice deck cards, Aviator marked playing card is one of the hot sale products in our company.
Aviator magic marked cards are feature red and blue color, made of jumbo index paper materials with plastic coated. Usually we mark the aviator poker decks with best invisible ink recipe or unseen barcode. For the luminous invisible ink Aviator playing cards, we mark with invisible ink pen or sophisticated printer machine, the marks on the cards is invisible under the nature light and only with the special luminous contact lenses or ultimate sunglasses can you read the marks on the back of the marked juiced poker cards. For invisible barcode marked cards poker, it generally works with poker card reader software and mini earpiece, we process the original marked Aviator playing cards with delicate printer machine which can produce best magic barcode Aviator marked-cards, you can use infrared camera lenses to read them secretly and clearly, the scanning camera will send the scanning signal of barcode to the poker analyzer which can analyze the information automatically and send the game result to you via mini earphone within 0.1s.
There are also other brands marked contact lenses playing cards and antique card cheating devices sale in our company, if you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us.