Do you like using Iphone cell phone? Have you ever known that its power bank can be a practical scanning camera for you to read the scanning marked decks? The magic Iphone 6(plus) power bank we supply can help you to do that.
From the appearance, the Iphone 6 power bank poker cards reader just as same as a normal power bank, because it is processed with a regular power bank and is inserted a high definition scanning camera lens inside without hurting it appearance at all. It can use long time and no need to worry about that it will suddenly out of battery in the poker games. If it is coming power off, it will alarm you secret gradually and you can charge it. It have different scanning frequencies and you can choose the one you like. When the marked cards are within its scanning distance, it will scan them automatically and transmits the signal to poker analyzer system to decode. Then you can get the result secretly.
Its scanning distance usually is within 20-35cm or 40-60cm, if you want to have the special scanning range need, just tell us and we can customize it for you perfectly.