Sunglasses is a excellent marked poker cards games device to help users to read the markings on the backs of marked deck of cards. Infrared sunglasses can be read the infrared invisible ink marks.
Sunglasses is processed very perfectly and look as same as a normal one, so it is hardly to be found different by others. With this magic IR glasses, you can read the marks on the backs of infrared luminous marked playing cards directly and easily. In a certain way, infrared ultimate sunglasses like marked cards contact lenses, but may be some people are not suitable to wear contact lenses and feel uncomfortable if using them, in that time, this ultra luminous infrared ink glasses will be a better choice. The infrared special sunglasses can be used in all kinds of poker games, and with it, you can know each piece of card conveniently.
The luminous infrared marked sunglasses can be work with all kinds of IR invisible ink marked decks, if you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us.