There are many kinds of marked cards in market now, and KEM marked cards is one of the best marked playing cards. No matter you have used these marked cards or not, you could know more information about KEM marked deck cards here.
The 100% plastic KEM marked cards are widely regarded as one of the best cheating devices in the world. KEM marked playing cards are made entirely of cellulose acetate material regular playing cards. we use our specialized card marking ink and marked cards printer machine to make these marks on the back that the user can see them clearly if they wear marked cards contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses. There are different sizes of KEM marked cards for your choice, such as the wide size one, narrow size one. About the markings of poker suits, we will make some simple marks for you to identify.
KEM marked cards is one of the best marked playing cards with the unmatched durability and security features of plastic. Scuff and break resistant, KEM marked cards are also completely washable.