When you enter in room, will you notice that the ceiling lamp hanging on the wall? Therefore, lamp is the best concealment for processing as infrared marked cards cheating devices. We fixed a mini spy camera lens inside lamp for reading clearly backside marking playing cards with invisible infrared ink.
Backside infrared ink marking poker cards are different from backside invisible ink luminous marked cards, it only could be read by infrared one to one camera while cannot be read by infrared marked cards contact lenses or marked cards glasses. When playing the poker games, the lamp playing cards camera will read the marked cards speedily. Then, the transmitter will send the data of one to one marked cards to a TV on backstage. From the screen, you will know the poker faces of next cards clearly by your partners telling you. If you have a chance to know the poker result in advance, there is no problem for you to play well.
The lamp spy camera is very good for many poker games like Omaha, Texas, Blackjack and many other games. Why not contact us for more detail information about this lamp spy playing cards camera?