Many customers asked me, Is there a poker scanning camera suitable for both poker analyzer and back marked cards? That is it, the long distance wall clock marked deck scanner! It uses an AC power to support spy and monitoring job in a long time poker game. This hidden playing cards scanning camera lens can be fixed inside a wall clock in two different ways with high privacy.
When this wall clock marked deck scanner works with a poker analyzer(or poker predictor), it is for scanning barcode marked deck cards in a wide area and the distance is from 2 meters to 6 meters. What is more, there is a remote controller for adjusting the scanning distance, scanning area and scanning position, that mean you can adjust it to read in any angle you need.
When you use it for reading back marked cards, cooperating with your partner is necessary, because the poker game result will be known by your partner in the background software(like background computer) at another room near the poker room. The long scanning distance is about 3-4 meters.