There are two types of CVK 350 provided by our company, one is the normal types, another is all in one, the former one need to work with an extra poker cards reader, while the later one not.
Because normal CVK 350 poker analyzer system needs to cooperate with extra scanning camera, but it is also relatively convenient to operate. From the appearance, the normal one CVK 350 just is a regular cell phone, so you can put it on the games table and or move it during the games, no one will find its secret. As for the poker cards scanner, we also have many sorts of scanning camera for your choice, like lighter scanning camera lens, wallet poker cards reader, watches poker spy cards reader, data cable poker cards reader, chip tray marked cards scanner, button marked deck of cards reader and so on.
Although CVK 350 needs an extra scanning camera which all in one CVK 350 no need, it is in top quality and its functions are very practical, what is more, it is comparatively cheaper than the all in one CVK 350 poker analyzer device.