Poker cards can be divided into several kinds, for example, divide from material, poker cards can be divided into paper cards and plastic cards; from the usage, poker cards can be divided into gaming cards and magic using cards.Poker cards can be divided into different categories from different standards. For the magic cards, is a kind of special cards with special marks, sometimes marks are made on the patterns of cards, which can be seen really carefully, and sometimes can be made with invisible ink, which can be seen only with the help of special tools. Take Copag 100% plastic 4 index marked cards we are selling for example, firstly, Copag is a famous poker brand all around the world, many great poker player like using this brand. Secondly, plastic is the material, 100% plastic means the cards are fully plastic cards. Thirdly, 4 index related to the size and the color of the cards. Finally, marked cards means the cards are made with marks, and the marks may not be seen by naked eyes, they are invisible marks. Contact lenses are the special tools to see the marked cards, we are selling special contact lenses as well.