There are many dice cheating devices supplied by GS luminous ink pen suppliers in China not in India such as the processed dice cup with mini camera, the wireless remote control dice and spy camera for dice cheating. Besides those useful tools, we have rolled out the X-ray scanning dice cheating device.
The big differences between others cheating dices system is that there is no need fixing a spy camera inside the bowl or processing the dices. Just use the common dices and it is really convenient for you. The X-ray scanning tool can be fixed inside your bag. When the dices are shaken, the X-ray dice cheating device will see through the bowl and you can see the points of dices on TV or your phone. You can see through dices cover inside cup clearly. Therefore, you can know the odds of poker dices in advance.
The X-ray dice cheating device can be used to cheat effectively in the dice game. If you are interesting, you can enter our website for more details.