Bicycle is one of the famous playing cards in the world, many people take it as priority device when playing poker cards games or having magic poker shows. And the marked Bicycle cards can help players enjoying the poker activities more freely.
We can provide back marked Bicycle deck cards as well as Bicycle barcode edged marked poker cards. For back marked deck cards, it is made of the manufactured Bicycle playing poker cards and our best invisible ink solution, the markings made of it can last long time than other inferior kinds and the invisible ink on the backs of Bicycle cards are very even, no one can find any different without special luminous marked cards contact lenses or ultra infrared sunglasses.
Another is Bicycle barcode edged marked poker cards, we marking the invisible barcode on the four sides of the Bicycle pokers and other cannot notice its secret, even though they wear with the luminous contact lenses or ultimate sunglasses UV, only the magic poker cards reader as well as all in one poker analyzer system can help user to read them easily and predict the poker games result accurately.
We also have other brands marked playing cards which also can be marked as both luminous invisible ink marked cards or scanning marked decks perfectly.