Marking playing poker cards is an interesting thing to do because it allows makers to add their own ideas to the marks. It is fairly convenient for you to mark yourself no matter where you are.
As for how to mark poker decks with invisible luminous ink, the most important is that how to choose invisible infrared ink. We are not only sell all kinds of luminous marked cards with contact lenses or glasses, but also sell different kinds of invisible ink, among which IR ink and UV ink are in hot selling now. In this paper, I would like to introduce you to high quality IR invisible ink for marking playing cards.
With our IR ink, users can write their unique marks on the backs of both paper cards and plastic cards. The marks made by hand are different from those printed by printers. Hand-made marks can last at most for 25-30 minutes while those marked by printers can maintain as long as 2 years.
The clear feature of IR ink is in dark blue while UV is in red. Only wear marked cards contact lenses or marked cards sunglasses can see through hidden markings. How to mark cards with invisible infrared ink? First, apply a little ink on the surface of regular playing cards. Second, wait till the ink gets dry. Then, you will see the marks you made personally with our IR or UV contact lenses or sunglasses.