Copag 139 is one type of Copag series playing cards specialized made up by paper, they are very convenient to control due to its bridge size. Card faces of Copag 139 poker cards are as smooth as plastic kind, while their backside give people frosted feel. Therefore, people can see Copag 139 poker cards in many poker clubs or casinos, for its popularity, it is potential to rendered as marked Copag 139 playing cards.
Copag 139 pokers are colored red and blue. The magic marked Copag 139 cards are marked with invisible ink, users can read them marked playing cards points and suits from the backs with luminous perspective contact lenses or sunglasses in clear and secret, s all of them just look as the regular one and no need to worry about will cause any suspicious from others. If you do not want to wearing contact lenses or sunglasses when playing Copag 139 marked poker cards, there is invisible barcode marked playing cards which can be read by special scanning system and can help users to predict the poker games outcome in advance accurately, all of them just control by your fingers. In generally, the marks is one big font in the middle or four small fonts in the four corners on the back of each cards, but if you want to have some special marks, just let me know and we will customize them for you in perfect.
The magic marked cards Copag 139 can be used in all kinds of poker cards games, for example Black Jack, Baccarat, Texas Holdem, Omaha.