As an important part of scanning analyzer system, marked playing cards scanning camera lenses can assist poker analyzer to predict the outcome of various poker cards game like Texas Holdem, Black Jack, Omaha and so on. In our company, Cuffs marked cards scanning reader is a hot sale product.
We process normal cuffs by inserted a mini scanning camera lens into the cuff of your jacket or shirt, Which is in quality and high privacy, and we will not hurt the original cuff at all that it just look as same as the normal one, no one will find that it can help you to read the marked playing poker cards. What is more, during the playing cards games, as the cards may be moved by other players or dealers, at this time, you also can adjust the scanning angel freely just move your hand on the table you like, no necessary cooperate with any other else article. The Maximum scanning scope of the barcode marked deck cards can be longer than 80cm, and the scanning cuff poker spy card reader is battery-powered, the battery can work last 4-6 hours, and it is very convenient to replace new one.
We also can install the micro scanning reader into your clothes or watches or wallet or other you want. Do you want to try it?