Modiano is one of the famous brand of playing cards, they have good quality. We can mark all types of Modiano poker as marked Modiano cards.
Poker scanning system is used widely in many poker games, and barcode marked cards is necessary for this magic marked card kit. The Modiano marked playing cards can be work with all kinds of poker scanning camera as poker hand analyzers. The invisible ink barcode on their edges are made with best invisible ink formula, so from the appearance, no one can find their secret by naked eyes even wearing with luminous ink contact lenses for playing cards or marked cards sunglasses that can detect invisible ink. While you working with poker scanning camera, it can scan the m barcode and transmit them to poker hand analyzer for calculating the game result.
There are Modiano Cristallo barcode marked playing cards, Modiano Texas Holdem juiced decks with invisible ink barcode, Modiano Bike Trophy marked deck cards, Modiano Super Fiori invisible ink marked cards, Modiano Piacentine edged marked poekr cards etc. for sale.