Playing poker cards are made by cards marking luminous ink kit by marked cards professional machine only to be seen by infrared marked cards glasses or invisible ink contact lenses. Modiano Cristallo marked poker decks are one kind of best ultimate marked playing cards in GS marked cards suppliers.
We can mark poker cards into three types: invisible ink backside marking Modiano Cristallo cards for invisible ink kit reader, barcode marked Modiano Cristallo poker decks for playing cards scanner or poker analyzer and infrared ink hidden Modiano Cristallo cards for IR poker camera. In this article, I will introduce you to invisible ink luminous marked Modiano Cristallo magic cards.
We print markings backside Cristallo playing cars with big fonts or small fonts on four corners. Sometimes, we marked with big invisible ink markings in the middle of Cristallo blue or green playing cards while marked with big font or four small fonts in 4 corners of red or orange cards. All markings could be seen by wearing infrared marked cards contact lenses or infrared glasses.