The new designation music speaker with hidden infrared poker cards scanner for analyzer is looks much nice and better of quality.
We can install infrared playing cards scanning camera lenses inside which are with different scanning distance, such as 1.8-2.4m, 2.2-2.7m, 3-3.7m, 4-4.7m and so on. Music box marked cards scanner with long distance to scan invisible barcode marked playing cards, others around you is hard to notice that you can predict the cards, it is very safe and secret. What is more, one whole set of music box speaker barcode scanning camera will include one piece of remote controller which can move the camera lens to leftward or rightward, upward or downward, and focus the zoom. The transmitter distance of its remote controller can be reach about 50 meters.
The battery life of this new designation music speaker poker predictor scanner is unlimited, as it has a wire cable charger for you to be charging during the working time.